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Science Artist | Educator | Photographer


Science Artist & Educator

Alicia Moya-Méndez is a science artist, educator and photographer. She holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and English while also having pursued post-baccalaureate work in biology and chemistry. During her coursework and time as an academic tutor, a love for art, storytelling and visual teaching was discovered. She now combines her experience in these fields to create wire science art sculptures, teach courses on the science art and offer scientists an artist’s perspective on how to clearly communicate their work to society. Integrating science, art and the community to inspire lasting change is the fuel lighting Alicia’s passion for creativity driven education teaching & learning. 

Alicia offers collaboration with scientists and science art courses to help people (ages 10+) better understand scientific concepts through projects like DNA earrings coded by color, atom necklaces that teach atomic numbers and other concepts in the sciences. These workshops are designed to teach a science lesson using multiple learning styles while simultaneously teaching students to create science-related artwork while improving their understanding of the scientific concepts discussed. Currently workshops cover topics in chemistry, microbiology and biology.


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As a photographer, Alicia works to capture the little things we often miss in the busy day to day. Whether it is through a client session or a visual story of a piece of our world, each photo is carefully sought out and meant to convey the subject’s emotion or environment. 

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