Products with the Earth in mind! 

We strive to provide the highest quality products while also respecting mother nature. 

Here you will find a complete list of our products along with

information on where it is made and how that product is eco-friendly. 


Fine Art Photography - Wall Art

The Product  Where it's made Eco-friendly attributes

Fine Art Prints

Maryland, USA  This paper type has an archival life of 100+ years. 

Framed Art Prints

Colorado, USA  

Canvas Prints

Colorado, USA  

Metal Prints

Colorado & New York, USA  


Traveling Gem Collection - Crystal Print Products

The Product Where it's made Eco-friendly attributes 

Leggings (Full & Capri)


Skirts (Wrap & Flare)




Silk Scarves - COMING SOON


Headbands - COMING SOON


Spiral Notebook


Passport Cover



Wire Science Art - Sculptures & Jewelry inspired by Science 

The Product Where it's made Eco-friendly attributes 

Copper Sculptures 

Completely Handmade - USA  


Completely Handmade - USA  


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