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Vibrant crystal patterns on a passport cover for the traveler. Pattern is a real rock photographed from my collection...

❉ High Quality (Smooth or Textured) Nappa Leather
❉ Vegan Faux Leather option
❉ Ethical manufacturing. NO sweatshops here!
❉ Made in Europe
❉ Processing time is 10-14 business days.

Standard size fits passports 4" x 6.2“
This will be for those issued in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA, and Australia.

❉ Large size will be for those issued in the Netherlands and Denmark, as well as old and new German passports.

Our digital printing process binds the ink to the fabric, so your photos won't scratch off or peel away. Our leather printing produces excellent results with beautiful saturated colors and high definition right down to very fine details. We always strive to source the best quality leather available.

REAL LEATHER! Nappa Leather Care: Surface wipe with a slightly damp cloth. The natural grain might be visible on your passport cover as we use unique pieces of leather for each one. Over time, you'll notice it develops a creased patina, showing it's authentic leather, which is a charming effect given that this will last a lifetime and go with you on all of your travels.

❉ Processing time for this listing is 10-14 business days.
❉ Delivery time is determined by location.


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