About the Subjects


The goal in my photographic works is to show a world we often miss in the busy day-to-day. It is of the upmost importance that my work is authentic and natural. To ensure this, baiting and trapping are NEVER used in my work. We prefer to photograph the animals in their natural environment so their personalities shine through.

The only exceptions to a natural environment are animals in professionally managed zoos or aquariums. These exceptions are labeled when applicable.


No Baiting! A mother fox built a den on our property for her two cubs here. They found the bone (I think it's a bone?) in the mouth of the right cub on their own! We do not bait creatures in the wild. We only photograph what they find on their own in their immediate environment.

Professional Aquarium! Aquatic life photographs in my work are near always of animals in an aquarium. My fears of deep waters prevent me from ever being a marine photographer, but at least we have wonderful aquariums to show us the mysteries of the water worlds! 
Honoring the earth and the creatures on it is of the upmost importance. Their presence on this planet serves as a reminder that life always keeps going, always adapts and always finds a way to shine through the dark even in the smallest of positive moments. We can learn so much from viewing the natural world.

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